As you know, my design journey started in Vakko, one of Turkey’s biggest institution. I left from this institution where I worked for 16 years at the bottom, to build my own brand. Vakko is an insti- tution with very crystal dynamics and design concept is shaped on this.

ALİ GÜLEÇ Interview

I’m an artist and illustrator from Istanbul. I have been creating print designs for international fast fashion brands, illustrations for ad agencies etc. When I felt unsatisfied from commercial de- sign, I started creating artwork for my personal collection. Re- cently, I’ve been focusing more on my personal illustrations and artwork than commercial proje- cts, as I feel more satisfied and happier.


I started my journey as soon as I graduated from school. I had a social life when I was a student. When my education was over, I was not late enough to decide to start my own workshop.