“Today’s fashion is also very Eclectic and more modern more than past to 2019.” It is totally freedom! So everybody has own style even if they look like each other.

Would you like to talk a little bit about yourself?

First of all thank you for your kind interview. When the magazines get in touch with me for interviews Globally, that always reminds me “I should focus to present myself as designer in Global Fashion Industry rather than being local. In the same time “Local cultural aspects have relationship with Global forecasts. Okay, I growed up at South East Turkey’s city call Adana. It was a beautiful childhood with my grandmother.

It was totally “Freedom”. I am lucky because growing up in a Muslim country but in a way of Westernised Family is totally game changer. That unique cosmopolitan vision effects on me. Until eight years old my grand family looked after me because my mother is pharmacist and she was working 57 full time. Childhood is one of the most important era for our lives. Even if you born such a way of being creative person that is more powerfull about life in general. So basically my childhood was full of fun about creativity, style, knitwears, fabrics..

That relationship with my grandfamily was such an unique experience. They became my first teachers about life, culture, fashion. Adana was nice and actually city in history was one of the important area for Antique Greek Era as well such as important for Turkey today. Adana gets its name from Adanus, son of weather God Cronus in Greek History. The place where you born is giving such an unique signature on your character I beleive. So I feel I am purely Mediterranean.

I engage with different cultures easily, I get friends easily and the communication in a different perspectives are important for me.

You can feel this at my every collection in a different mood relate with my cultural background. Today at my design studio in Istanbul, I continue to create designs which relate with my background and culture.

You describe each collection as “ a game, a birth”.. Could you explain this sentence a bit? How does your design process work out?

Basically I do knitwear and denimwear mostly. So for knitwear I start from yarn and for denim I start from character of fabric which combine with stories where I get from. I like to create my own material individually. Don’t get narcissist loll :)) but that is how I like to work. So for me every collection is such an “Unique Joyfull Game” as kind of kids play freely. On the other hand it is a new ideas and innovations become more freely.

You have presented your 2019 Fall/ Winter collection under the banner of “Eclectic Games” by integrating your own knitwear accessories. Could you tell us about this collection and your inspirers?

“Today’s fashion is also very Eclectic and more modern more than past to 2019.” It is totally freedom! So everybody has own style even if they look like each other. Okay, Global trends in fast fashion have some effects on street style but when you have a look to trends we don’t see dominant things.

We see many things that which dominate trends! I like this relation with all these influences such as paints, artists, contemporary art, my grandmother’s wardrobe, urban life, women characters, history, archeology, culture, simplicity and many other things. You can see at this collection.

Would you like to tell us about the relation between your designs and the fabrics you use? What are your thoughts regarding Turkish fabrics?

I work with Turkish yarns and denim fabrics for my collections. I never got a chance to work with Turkish fabrics before, but I would like to work certainly. Definitely Textile in Turkey is highly developing step by step that we see at supplier side but we have very good producers who creates good quality. For me as designer pushing suppliers for new vision and creativity are highly important.

In today’s and future fashion, sustainability ”has started to take the first place. Do you have any special or specific works in this field? How do you position the fashion world in todays world?

Sustainabilty is very important but that word is reminding me Organic or Gluten Free products at supermarkets. :)) I mean packaging looks nice but not every product is organic even if put word on it. This is same for sustanibilty. But society are awakeing Globally as consumers. People are asking who made my clothes? What is the source of this yarn. Is it recycle?

These are very important for me. I would like to develope my brand in the near future %90 base on sustainabilty. On the other hand It is a new marketing strategy for the future of fashion industry. But today’s customers are very well educated themselves about buying things. And it is very difficult more than before today’s new consumers.

I read some new articles about our sources that we almost finished for 2019 Globally and our steps are so tiny about sustainable future of the World.