I passed Uludağ University Faculty of Education Fine Arts Education Department in matriculation, but I remember me taking the matriculation for İstanbul İstasyon Art Academy of Fine Arts.

When was the first time making a stride towards the fashion world? Can you please introduce yourself a little bit?

I always wanted to be an artist when I was a kid. I decided that the textile industry and the design profession were more suitable for me thanks to a designer I met in high school years and whom I later became friends and that I would definitely like to do this job.
I passed Uludağ University Faculty of Edu- cation Fine Arts Education Department in matriculation, but I remember me taking the matriculation for İstanbul İstasyon Art Acad- emy of Fine Arts. When I won the Station Art Academy with a scholarship, I preferred to attend the Station Art Academy of Fine Arts instead, because of locating in Istanbul and getting closer to my profession and dreams.

I was excited to launch out, I was quite willing. Therefore, in the second year of the school, I started working in the David People / Aprido brand in 1997. Thus, my professional life has started out.

In 2001, I went to America for foreign lan- guage education. I returned to Turkey after receiving language training for one and a half years. I started working on the Damat / Tween brand.

In 2003, I started to work as a creative di- rector assistant at Denim Village, an Ameri- can-owned export company and entered the denim world.

Between 2003 and 2004, I worked in Denim Village. After that, I continued my career as Creative Director at Eroğlu Giyim for three years. I returned to Denim Village three years later, which is my second home. Since then, I have been continuing my work as a Creative Director.

You are carrying out extremely dif- ferent works on denim design. Would you like to describe your style, fash- ion line, and fashion sense?

As a matter of fact, I cannot associate denim with fashion despite the fact that denim is an indispensable part of fashion. To me, it is more like a lifestyle. Of course, we know that fits and washings are chang- ing, but ultimately one always wear and desires to wear a nicely-made jean. The most important feature of Denim is its adaptability into
all styles. You can adapt it with a sweatshirt, t-shirt, blazer jacket, sneakers or stilettos. You can catch elegance and comfort while feeling so relaxed. Personally, I’m a little classicist in denim. In this regard, the classic American jean is the best for me, because denim is her major culture. If I ask about my style, I can say that I’m im- pressed by some Japanese denim, but I also don’t deny that endless designs can be made with denim fabric.

Would you like to elabo- rate on the fabrics you use in your denim collections? Can you also relate your thoughts on Turkish denim fabrics and designs?

In the production of high-quality denim fabric, I think we are lead- ing the world with Japan. There is almost none fabric manufacturer in America. Apparently, there are only one or two companies in Europe. In Turkey, there are around 4-5 denim brands that have become the world’s clothier. They prepare and produce very successful collections.

I recently introduced a collection inspired by the Anatolian Yoruks in the mixed fashion show, which took place in the official calendar of New York Fashion Week. I used natural indigo, cotton, and wool. In addition, I used indigo painting with traditional methods by using ghutrah used by men in Anatolia and goat haired-spun and knitted socks and scarves.

New York Fashion Week is a for- mation and activity that the world follows with curiosity and that gives direction to all world fashion. First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Ruhsar Pekcan, our Minister of Trade and her team, along with Ismail Gülle, the President of TIM and the Tanitim Group, and his entire team. I had the chance to introduce and promote both our country and my brand all over the world thanks to the contribution of our minister and TIM president. I believe that we will be able to bring our country to the whole world I believe that we will be able to accomplish more beautiful works and to introduce our country to the whole world in a successful manner.

You are providing design consultancy to many denim brands in our country and international platforms. Can you elab- orate them a little bit? Is there anyone lately do you want to work together, and want to see designs on?

I worked with almost all denim designers includ- ing Denim Village, where I worked as a consul- tant. I prepare 4 collections a year and offer it to the world’s most important denim brands. Most recently, I finished the winter 2021 collection and started presentations. Among these brands, there are world’s giant and the most current trend and the most followed brands such as Ralph Laurent, Frame, Scotch and Soda, Redone, Rag and Bone. In this way, I already have the chance to see my designs all over the world. I see it on many people wearing it and it is enough to make me happy. Isn’t this the most satisfying part of this job?

Finally, can you tell us about the Design Store you opened in İzmir-Urla Art Street and where you gave place to Turkish de- signers?

I was already making plans to escape from Istanbul about 5 years ago, and I actualized this about 3 years ago. I settled in a mountain village with a population of 70 inhabitants of SeferiHisar. I’ve moved on to a life that is so calm, intertwined with nature, yet unstable. I had never been to Urla and Seferhisar before, but when I saw it, I realized that it was exactly where I wanted to live.

When Urla is generally mentioned, the Iskele Re- gion is more known than Art Street. In Urla, where I learned that the street’s name was ‘’Art Street’’ in a late afternoon when I passed through a beautiful street with old rum houses, I wanted to have a place like this after seeing a horse attached to the window of a cafe and the beauty of that café.
I came back the next morning. The local cafes, restaurants, art workshops in here were so beautiful that it was impossible not to get affected.

As I started to back and forth, I began to research a place. At first, I had no idea what to do, and what kind of work I was going to do. I have just dreamed to have a place on this beautiful street. And one day, a friend of mine found the building of Ekrou Boutique. That moment, this is the moment and this is the place where I want to settle.

I had the idea of opening a store that was far away from commercial concerns, having a pleasant time with my friends, having fun and wouldn’t think of it as a business, and where art, social responsibility projects, successful Turkish designers mingle with. I shared this idea with Hakan Akkaya and other de- signer friends. I have received great support from all of them and this is how I came to these days.

Today, I work with 45 qualified Turkish designers in my store, and I sell my products.