In 1981, I started to operate as “Butik Faruk’’ on the lower floor of the Opera Onur Bazaar in Kadıköy. In 1987, I had the chance to position my brand as Faruk Saraç. The number of my stores increased to 4. In 1991, I started Haute Couture in Nişantaşı. Now, I was able to come up with my own production and started to offer high stitches to our customers. I always dreamed of having a detached showroom with a small garden.


If you don’t have the power of imaginati- on, successful works do not come out so easily. My imaginati- on pre-sees and cap- tures the moment I dreamed of in advan- ce. My style applies this in real life.


I was born in 1981. I graduated from Notre Dame de Sion French High School and Galatasaray University International Relations. After graduation, I worked in public relations and marketing for 5 years.

Mrs. Yeşim Meço Davutoğlu, the spouse of H.E. Ali Davutoğlu, designated Ambassador of Turkey to Tanzania

In the project carried out jointly by Women & Women which is a sustainable fashion brand that meets the colorful world of fashion in the project that aims to erase the faded colors in the lives of orphaned children; and Yeşim Meco Davutoğlu, the fabrics produced by the local people of Tanzania come to life with Women & Women designs.


I passed Uludağ University Faculty of Education Fine Arts Education Department in matriculation, but I remember me taking the matriculation for İstanbul İstasyon Art Academy of Fine Arts.


During my undergradu- ate studies, I was intro- duced to the weaving loom, and I started to weave alternative fabrics with alternative materials through intrinsic moti- vators. Defining the gap has always been my main goal, but, believe me, I still do not know why. In a way, I’m interpreting and narrating my feelings through the gap.