Mrs. Yeşim Meço Davutoğlu, the spouse of H.E. Ali Davutoğlu, designated Ambassador of Turkey to Tanzania,

Turkish people colored the patterns of Africa.

In the project carried out jointly by Women & Women which is a sustainable fashion brand that meets the colorful world of fashion in the project that aims to erase the faded colors in the lives of orphaned children; and Yeşim Meco Davutoğlu, the fabrics produced by the local people of Tanzania come to life with Women & Women designs..

Women & Women, a fashion and design brand that produces with no harm to nature with advanced recycling and zero waste techniques, transcends the boundaries of goodness across continents with its philosophy of sustainable fashion and sustainable living.

In the orphanage affiliated to Ashura Foundation, founded by Turkish and Tanzanian youths trained in Turkey where Mrs. Davutoğlu holds the honorary presidency, Mrs. Yeşim Meço Davutoğlu, spouse of H.E. Ali Davutoğlu, designated Ambassador of Turkey to Tanzania, alias Mama Turkey contributes to the sheltering, treatment and education of orphans struggling to survive in Tanzania.

This project, which is carried out by Women & Women and Yeşim Meco Davutoğlu aim to draw attention to the universality of sustainable life, while at the same time, setting an example for the efforts to increase the value of branded designs by using limited resources effectively and without damaging the nature.

You can support the project by purchasing kimonos produced from completely organic fabrics from Women & Women Yalıkavak, Women & Women Alaçatı and online sales store.

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