LC WAIKIKI Outgrows In The Global Scene


LC Waikiki, whose mission is ‘’Everyone deserves to dress well’’, plans to launch its products to 50 countries in 2018 by entering 12 new countries. LC Waikiki, with 30 stores in Turkey and 120 new stores abroad to be opened, LC Waikiki aims to increase the total number of stores to 1000 and the number of turnovers to 16.2 billion TL.

LC Waikiki appeared in France in 1988, has been a Turkish brand since 1997. Behind the success of LC Waikiki’s global image, there lies the philosophy of ‘’ everyone deserves to dress well.‘’ LC Waikiki adopts the vision of becoming one of Europe’s three most successful fashion retailers in 2023 with the mission of “making people feel good by dressing them in style and budget”.

LC Waikiki is confronted this year with a collection of moto jeans marked the season, appliques and patches are used in plenty, contrast prints are used both in the upper and lower groups. Jackets with slogans, decorative pigment splashes, plenty of zippered pants and stapled, stoned, pants jackets attract the most. Filthy trouser hems, torn out hems, crop pant, motorcycle jacket and over t-shirts are the details and pieces that stand out again in the collection.The essentials of the summer season, the white denim, and the white rollers, always have a special place in the LC Waikiki collection.

The LC Waikiki Casual collection brings together the man who carries denim’s dynamism and energy into his active life, with the rich tones of blue that is enriched with light colors and tints during the summer season. Ceramic blueprints, slobs, camo details and bleached denim catch the eye this season. With the patches appear more in the foreground, it also covers the bottom and top group products.

The casual denim that represents a man who lives a social life in the vibrant streets of the city is now stronger with the boldness of black and nobility. In the season when the green tones are created by the camo patterns, every dense tone of the color can be seen with the colors that my denim made from the deep sea waters. Every tone of green can be seen with the colors denim that is formed by the deep water of the sea. In LC Waikiki men’s denim collection, Fresh Denim always typical and favored will mark the new season.The denim pants and shirts, which contain almost every color tone, give the season a fresh air.Another favorite color for the season is gray for men who do not want to wear dark as black, and lighter colors.

The denim designs that stand out in the women’s group also include a high waist fitter that wraps the body, gives action-free comfort with flexibility and make you feel the day-long comfort at the top level with soft touching. Super skinny jeans with cozy flexible fabrics are leading. As is the case with males, jackets in long and short with destroying and in different colors surprise us in women’s denim.Mom jeans and processed jeans are again among the indispensable for women this year.