On the one hand, there is a graduate of METU Depart- ment of Industrial Enginee- ring and a manager in a digital marketing agency, on the ot- her hand, there is the fashion blogger, who has thousands of followers. How do you manage to do that? Can you introduce yourself a little bit?

Basically, I believe these two are totally correlated. I believe that I am trying to implement the system approach as a result of my education. As soon as I graduated, I began to think about how to position my writing culture which is my special interest in the fashion world. Thanks to the conditions of the time, I opened my blog and started writing. The year 2009 was a year in which bloggers were popular all over the wor- ld. This profession was a new-comer to Turkey by that year.

So I decided to take the bulls by the horns. As I’ve been following what’s happening in the digital world, I’ve seen that I could do some things in this area. My agency life has evolved over the years thanks to my ability to link the ideas and to imagine the transition process of an idea into a practical form. From time to time, I’ve had difficulties with running two jobs at the same time. There were times when I had to act like two different individuals during the day. I experienced a seesaw between two opinions such as attending an impor- tant meeting that will affect my career and traveling for a special event that will make a great contribution to my career in fashion writing. Somehow, I managed to run both at the same time by working twosome.

How did you start your interest in the fashion world? How do you define fashion?

I can’t exactly remember how my interest in the fashion world began. I describe this situation as being able to reveal an area that I have always been interested in, which I owe this to my blog I opened as soon as I graduated.

My daily stories have been replaced by the stories of fashion brands, the news on fashio- ners and the creative touches in the adverti- sing campaigns. To me, I define fashion as a set of rules in which everyone can choose what suits him or her. Yes, there are rules; however, it is in our hands to comply with them or to interpret them accordingly.

From an external perspective, fashion brands, advertising cam- paigns, digital projects seem like a world that is quite glittering and exciting. Can you describe the situation from an internal perspec- tive?

Sometimes I have to admit that I feel like a double-sided agent. Namely; while wor- king on an agency that serves brands, and producing projects for influencer names, on the other hand, on the other hand, I take part as an influencer in the projects produced by other agencies and involved in the activities or projects of other brands. In this way, I can feed on many different areas. Such events in the colorful and exciting world go on and on, and, in time, a system or a concept accom- modate in the minds of people.

After a while, you don’t feel any different from a teacher who enters into a class and lectures or a doctor who accepts a patient. It is exciting to be able to enter the fashion parades of the leading brands. The ones I see on the runway is hilariously colorful, as long as I show the necessary care and use the tools in written or visual form in the best possible way. In a nutshell, I can say that there is a world out there in which discipline is indispensable, requires a lot of shifts, and hard work.

Who are your favorite designers and fashioners? By position, ıt can be an artist, sportsman, politician etc. Whose style do you like the most among celebrities?

In some periods, I lose my excitement against the names I once eagerly looked upon their designs, in the coming periods. Among the designers, I wonder what he is doing at the moment are J. W. Anderson and Simon Porte Jacquemus. When it comes to Turkey, Gamze Saracog- lu’s timelessness, Zeynep Tosun’s sparkle mean something special for me. Among the young generations, I should say that I am eagerly following the enthusiasm crea- ted by Şebnem Günay or Gökhan Yavaş.

In the world of celebrities, the situation is a bit tragic.

I am sure it is of no surprise for anyone if I exemplify names such as David Beckham or Cate Blanchett. The young actor Timo- theé Chalamet, who has recently become popular, is one of the names that I keep a close rein on in the world of celebrities. If I would give it a name from Turkey, I can say that I look at Yasemin Özilhan’s way of adopting and applying the world trends.

What’s your favorite style and concept from latest trends? What elements will come to the fore in the coming season?

I think that the trend of luxury street style that has been growing rapidly for a few years has situated itself into a special place. I think there’s more room for this trend to go and we will be surprised to see different applications.

What are your thoughts on sus- tainability and recycling that are trendy in the world? The textile industry remains at the forefront of protecting human health as well as nature and the environment. What are your views on this matter?

Both in my writings and social media posts, I try to give as much space as pos- sible to such brands and organizations dedicated themselves on this matter. The concept of “sustainability”, which is also part of my education, has become of vital importance in our increasingly industrialized world. Unfortunately, I don’t think that many brands still show enough interest in this issue. Although it is glorifying to see the efforts of global brands, I still want to see local producers who can develop straighthead projects.

Do you have any recent projects that you are planning to imple- ment, if so, what are they?

As of 2019, I achieved to convey my writings to a different group of people thanks to Robb Report Turkey. I want to continue to develop myself in this field. On top of that, I can add a desire to do a few things I dreamed of in the agency world.