Kipas Denim

What do you think about how do the future mega trends affect the Denim World? How is your company preparing for this situation?

Actually biggest effect comes from the nature itself. Like many other industries, denim – with old fashion production mentalities – effecting the environment very much. Starting from cotton fields to end user water usage increased to incredible levels. Our responsibility start here to control and lower any undesired result.

We are investing hard for creative solutions with our INNOCENCE concept. This is getting bigger and bigger every day. Starting with the right selection of raw material, decreasing water and chemical usage, we combine our knowledge and passion. Each collection becomes more and more sustainable.

Besides market is now demanding value added products without compromising nature-industry balance. We are also stepping very careful about cost efficiency, as this is the one of the most important point for sustainability. Customers are looking for side benefits rather than covering their body. Jeans increasing its position both on commodity and luxury part. We are and will be more careful where to step next. We are KIPAS, we are working with nature.

Murat ARÖZ
Kipaş Denim Sales and Marketing Director