Kiğili; Prepares To Be The “Turkey’s Brand”

ince its foundation in 1938, Kiğılı is currently serving in 67 provinces across Turkey, with 225 stores. Behind Kiğılı’s success, designing its products carefully and presents them to the whole world, lies a visionary management understanding. Bracing up from the Turkish fabric and the brands’ visionary perspective, 2018 marks a very special year for Kiğılı. The brand’s 2023 target, which is designed to celebrate its 80’th birthday in 2018, is to be among the 10 successful Turkish brands. As TFF Magazine Team, we have made an enjoyable interview with Hilal Suerdem, the garment giant of Kigili’s CEO, to shed light on the future goals and new investments of the brand. Kiğılı, is a brand that introduces Turkish fabric to the world. What are your views about Turkish fabric? and.

Kiğılı, is a brand that introduces Turkish fabric to the world. What are your views about Turkish fabric? and Do you usually work with Turkish textile producers?
Turkish fabric has come of an age in the world. Our textile finishing industry is racing to be the best due to its production capacity with more than 600 factories, know-hows and qualities ranging from natural fibers to viscose. In the field of woven fabrics, we are competing with the world’s biggest exporters, namely China, Italy, Pakistan, India, and South Korea. We are especially powerful in cotton woven fabric export. Therefore, we as Kigili, always and primarily prefer Turkish fabrics.

Yarn quality of Turkish fabric is never lower than the European quality in terms of finishing. We can always find the current and trendy patterns. It is also competitive in pricing terms. All of these reasons ensure that we can always maintain high standards in terms of quality. Being a preferred brand abroad also backs up us. Besides, giving the produced fabric its latest form and design, we are very pleased to offer it abroad as a Turkish brand. In the future we will assertively continue to introduce Turkish fabric to the entire world.

Can you tell us the story of Kigili’s establishment?
The founding story of Kiğılı dates back to the 1938s. Abdullah Kiğılı started to work in the textile sector at a very early age, and headed the company after completing his education in consultation with the elders in the family. Cloth trade is his grandfather and dad’s business. At that time, there was no concept regarding the readymade clothing in Turkey to the extent consumers were buying fabrics and were handing it to the tailors. Therefore, Kigili continued to serve as a store, selling suits for men until 1965. In 1965, with the initiative of Abdullah Kiğılı, the first shirt production was realized and ready shirts were sold in the store. Following the first shirt with Kiğılı tag, there comes Pant, Suit and Coat productions. In 1969, Kigili opened the first Kiğılı storehouse, which served only for readymade garment in İstiklal Street. After the establishment of Kiğılı ready made factory in 1980, the brand both continued to sale their produced products while on the other hand, started to make custom production just by preparing collections for the leading menswear brands of Turkey. The operation of a logistics center of more than 25 thousand square meters in Gebze – Şekerpınar in 2005, the opening of Abdullah Kiğılı Exclusive Cut stores by branding the name of Abdullah Kiğılı in 2006, and the establishment of Kiğılı Education Academy for the management and development of human resources in 2007 had been the important turning points in the history of our brand.. With Kiğılı, we currently serve in 67 provinces across Turkey, with more than 225 stores. We have a total of 30 thousand 805 square meters of storage space in 7 provinces. In abroad, we have 26 sales points in 13 countries. As one of the brands playing a leading role in the formation and development of the garment industry in Turkey, we are taking firm steps towards the future with the first day’s broad vision.

What is the main theme of Kiğılı’s last collection?
We have identified the main theme of our Autumn / Winter collection as “Hybrid”, or “composition”. We have tried to come up with a collection appealing to townie, active and multi-faceted man. Designs that are unconventional, that can catch the act of excellence, and that allow men to shape their lives to their own, seemingly attracts the attention this season. Parts in functional and flexible styles make it possible for men to combine the same parts in different shapes regardless of time. For example, men can go on a day-long business meetings with the same wears all day, and they can go to dinner with friends or meet their friends by making only small touches in the evening. Thus, without compromising their modern and stylish styles, it will set them free and comfortable than ever.

All of the products that a man needs are coming together again in our collection from the latest trends to special woven shirts, from woven double-breasted sweaters, to chic jackets and shoes, from different suits to accessories. However, this season’s star are going to be jackets and coats. There are more than 70 coats and jackets available in the collection, that are suitable for every item and size. Our color palette is quite wide, ranging from khaki, tile, to earth colors, from dull grey to bitter cocoa colors. We will continue to integrate the latest innovations in textiles, such as fabrics produced with nanotechnology, stain-free or non-ironing materials, into designs in our collection. Unisex and oversize models are also available.

Could you give me some tips on Kiğılı ‘s future vision, please?
As Kiğılı, our vision is to create elegant and comfortable pieces that can be worn comfortably in every environment and to continue to offer quality at affordable prices. Thanks to our vast experience in retail, from the supply-chains to the points where we reach to our customers, we plan all the process in detail from A to Z, and successfully actualize this formula. Moreover, we see great interest not only in Turkey but also abroad. In this direction, our goal for 2023 is to be among the 10 successful Turkish brands.

What are your expectations for 2018?
Our expectations are very high from 2018. We will continue to boost the acceleration that has achieved in 2017 in the new year as well. As Kiğılı, 2018 is important for us as it is the year we will be celebrating our 80th anniversary.

For example, we opened 10 new stores this year. We did not just enlarge our squares, but also renovated the decorations of our stores. We took part in international events like MAPIC fair and we strengthened our relations with foreign stakeholders.

In 2018, we will be opening new stores will due to our investor spirit. We aim to open 15 stores in Turkey and 10 abroad. Thus, we are going to be in 240 spots in Turkey while 35 in abroad. Especially abroad is what we pay great attention this year. We are both getting into new markets and expanding our presence in existing markets we render services. Middle East and Turkic Republics going to priorities for us. We will be opening our second store in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. That is why we will evaluate the bids we have received from different regions of the UAE.

These new investments will also bring along a growth in the area of employment. We aim to provide new employment between 150-200 people.

We are decided to launch projects to alter the perception abroad in 2018. We would like to create abroad the perception of “Turkey’s menswear brand” that is happening in Turkey right now. We are going to position Kiğılı not just like “made in Turkey” but the “Brand of Turkey”, namely the “Turkey’s Brand”.

To us, our e-commerce website is more important than usual. Nowadays, 5 percent of our turnover is constituted by e-commerce. That is why, we can say that we long time ago surmounted the e-commerce average, that is not more than 3 to 4 percent in retail in Turkey. We also focus our attention mainly on marketing investments on the digital side. In 2017, we had received a prize in Crystal Apple for our advertising film titled as “Decent enough? Prepared for the Father’s Day. Our digital ad named ” Pursuit of Change” created tremendous impressions. The continuation of these works will be carried out more and more in 2018 as well. With our new advertising films and digital works, we will continue to tell the changing and dynamic spirit of our brand.