Within the framework of basic art theories, I am a designer who interprets ready-to-wear with my own distinctive style every season and doesn’t fond of fashion very much. In this sector, I experienced my first breaking point in my career by winning the first place in the Koza Young Fashion Designers Competition held in 2012.

MiiN means“who?”inArabicLanguage,and“beauty” in Korean. Can you introdue yourself briefly? How did you step into the world of fashion and step up?

Within the framework of basic art theories, I am a designer who interprets ready-to-wear with my own distinctive style every season and doesn’t fond of fashion very much. In this sector, I experienced my first breaking point in my career by winning the first place in the Koza Young Fashion Designers Competition held in 2012. In the following process, I received postgraduate education in POLIMODA, Italy, and until the end of 2014, I started to think about the formation of MiiN after my work experiences with many brands and manufacturers that I worked on freelance, fulltime and project-wise. Then, I have prepared MiiN collections every season without neglecting my dream of establishing a ready-to-wear brand … In this sector, where sustainability is essential, I stepped up because I was able to create a balance in the supply-demand of consumer.

Why did you choose this name for your brand?

I always had an interest in discovering what beauty is and who has is. At the stage of deciding to name my brand, one of the 4-5 words I chose in the context as I mentioned previously was MiiN. Since the only word that met the trademark registration process was MiiN, a word as important as my name has become integrated with my life.

What is your brand’s philosophy?

For a strong balance, the most significant value is the “design link between fabric and body”. It is highly influenced by the art itself and the philosophy of art by synthesizing Eastern and Western cultures, it is highly influenced by the art itself and the philosophy of art.

How is your aesthetic perception? What does beauty mean to you … How do you express beauty in your designs?

Anything that is idiosyncratic is purely original and everything that is original is naturally beautiful. The journey of self-discovery gives people a subjective attitude and self-confidence. What is perfect could be repulsive, boring, selfless and mannerless. The situation in my designs is a summary of this. I create a symphony and composition by making expected or unexpected combinations of different fabrics, textures and forms. I always look for new forms and silhouettes in my designs. I constantly try clothe and surface trials…

Black and white is always in your collections. What does it evoke to you the synergy of black and white and how do you reflect this on your designs?

Void and Saturity Good and evil. Existence and absence. Day and night. Distance and proximity … I can explain this question with dozens of contrasts. The black solid circle image in white infinity, one of the paintings by the Suprematist painter KazmirMalevich on the idea of “the world without objects was the description of a thing but nothing. In his book “Introduction to spirituality in art”, Wassily Kandinsky talks about the consciousness of composing with emotions and colors. I depict my own world with the colors, textures, and forms created by my mood (sophisticated, boho-chic, elegant, smart-casual, avangard, etc …), regardless of single theme or a woman in my designs, without drowning in the boring and structured words of fashion. I believe that abstract expressionist and suprematist thinking liberates man.

When you create contrast, are you just talking about a contrast of the colors of the clothes or a free thought that embraces contrasting in the mindset, where differences and contrasts come together? How do you actualise this with your brand?

In the MiiN spring / summer 2020 collection show consisting of 38 different types of models and 38 different combinations, I explained how we could be liberated and enriched with these differences for about 10 minutes on the podium.

Do you design clothes for each and every size?

There are MiiN consumers of all sizes, ages, genders and many different countries. My designs are flexible in appealling to various bodies and ages. They are usually products that are characterized by the wearer …

What kind of a woman is MiiN woman …??

MiiN woman, who has an advanced style, represents all women who have managed to become who they are. A woman who is very happy to taste different cuisines in the world, loves to travel to places she never went, can act outside the collective consciousness of society, embraces minorities, is interested in new luxury definitions, and can make an analogy with life on plastic arts and art history. Earthling.

You have already exhibited the 2020 summer season in the fashion week, but nowadays the magazines talk about the 2019/20 winter season. Can you describe your winter 19/20 collection? What is the color, fabrics, forms, models and name of your winter collection?

The name of the Winter 2019/20 MiiN collection is #MiiNMoon. Moving from the psychological movement formed by the moon and moon tides, I started my collection . My obsession to the circle it may have triggered. In the process before I started collecting, I was trying to analyze the differences the moon made in my psychology. In the collection, where different values of black are abundant, there are night blue, wine red, smoke gray, silver details and yellow contours in places … The collection has a rich fabric content ranging from taffeta to organza, poplin to knitted viscose, leather to fur, knitwear, silk chiffon and velvet. 60% of the collection fabrics we obtain from Italy with certain qualities consist of natural fibers and 40% of them are synthetic fibers. In the Winter 19/20 collection, where I want to give a night feeling, there are many different forms and details that can be worn during the weekend walk, from casual wear to evening elegance, from every moment you feel special. Shaped with the subjective attitude of the consumer, the collection has a more gothic and dark feeling this season. There are 9 of the designs in which black is manipulated with many different techniques in my wardrobe.

Where do you position yourself in Turkish fashion?

I have a unique story, unlike anybody. I got used to preparing and managing very large collections. I am in the process of planting and developing 250-300 different prototypes during the season. This preparation, which is made by the MiiN team every season, serves MiiN lovers with 7 stores in Turkish retail. It will be opened in December 2019 in Dubai MiiN, our first store abroad. At the same time, MiiN also serves export customers at major wholesale fairs abroad … You know that the retail and export dynamics are very different, that is why, most of the things that are built on analyzing customer habits … As a young designer, I set an example in the sector that grows in the supply-demand balance and exists in its own line.

What are your goals for the future?

To be a ready-to-wear brand that makes collections of garments at affordable prices in the world fashion apparel industry. In the near future, to show more stories of MiiN fashion in open spaces suitable for the construction of MiiN …

Who are the designers you lile to closely follow world-wise?

Dünya moda hazır giyim sektöründe, ulaşılabilir fiyat aralığında, giysi koleksiyonları yapan bir hazır giyim markası olmak. Yakın gelecekte, MiiN defilelerini, MiiN’in konstrüksiyonuna uygun dış mekanlarda, daha fazla hikayeselleştirmek…

Dünyadan severek takin ettiğiniz tasarımcılar kimler?

Ivan Grundahl, Uma Wang, Yohji Yamamoto, DamirDoma, ReiKawakubo, RickOwens, Donna Karan …