Our collection consists of 100% domestic fabrics. The main factor is that we have mastered the production from yarn to weaving and complete the production with zero defects.

Could you briefly tell us about Baroque Jakar’s branding story and its emergence process?

The foundations of Baroque Jacquard as a textile brand were laid in 2001 in Şişli, Istanbul. In 2015, we established the Baroque Jakar brand, taking into account our innovative approach, our experience in procurement, marketing and wholesale.

Baroque Jacquard brand stepped into the textile sector in 2015. Our aim was always to actualize works towards design. Rather than being simple, we wanted to succeed in special works in the field of design. We aimed to produce products by combining different patterns and colors according to the countries, and by examining the designs according to the traditions and cultures of the countries. We worked our damnedest day and night for this. In this process, R & D became our biggest foundation.

We developed ourselves and still is. At present, we have a wide range of products with jacquard and brocade fabrics as the Baroque brand. Of course, we aim to further increase our product range in line with our R & D activities. Of course, that’s not enough for us. We aim to pile up our product range in parallel to our R & D activities.

What kind of style does Baroque have considering the designs of your collections, the patterns, and colors you mainly use? Can you inform us about the details of your creations? What would you like to say by evaluating the audience you address?

First of all, we fully support and assist our design team with our R & D studies. For this, we conduct country-by-country research. The trends that change season-based is always on our agenda. In this line, we create our products by blending trends such as flower, line and scotch plaid in the light of ethnic and baroque patterns according to the season.

Also, we use original colors as yarn and glitter. We carry out projects reflecting Baroque’s unique style. We create our creations by focusing on the masses we address, not price-oriented, but quality-oriented.

How much of Baroque Jacquard is obtained from local fabrics? What do you think are the features that make Turkish fabrics (especially Bursa fabrics) preferable?

Our collection consists of 100% domestic fabrics. The main factor is that we have mastered the production from yarn to weaving and complete the production with zero defects.

Do you have any new innovative projects for the future? What would you like to say about your stores, market share and new export targets?

We have approximately 10% market share in Turkey’s market. Our aim for retailing in 4 countries and our research towards this goal still continue. Uninterrupted fair activities and participation still going on.

We are actually working with the world. From the Far East to the Middle East, from Africa to Europe, we exist as the Baroque brand. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Lebanon, Israel, Morocco, Algeria, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Italy, United Kingdom, Ghana, Nigeria, Japan, China are among the countries we work with.

I can firmly say that we have come a long way in R & D activities in an innovative sense. Frankly speaking, It is amazing to see how well we are in doing our job in this sense. When actualizing a new product, we do not just do it in the name of color and design.