IDA Design Award Winning Designer Güzin Kızılaslan has launched her brand-new invention globally to license it to interested manufacturers/companies. The innovative bag system is also a good example of open innovation for her and she points out that all interested parties can benefit from it in their own unique styles and brands through licensing the intellectual property. She describes her invaluable bag system as follows :

Bags have an important role in our lives in terms of both functionality and aesthetically. In other words, fashion is not just about the outlook of these complementary accessories but also it is about sustainability. Buying bags just because of their different sizes and outlooks causes a storage problem for many people and an absolute pressure on our resources.

A kind of 2in1 bag system as seen in photo (can be 3,4..in1 with the additional colorful middle parts supplied as a set) which requires a less storage area and more friendly to our resources can be an alternative solution to different size & outlook needs of a person.

Potentially, women are first to adopt it since bags are important pieces in the fashion market.

Working principle of this innovative bag system is quite simple. Bigger form can be transformed to the smaller just in seconds. The most important design element is the zipper. Zippers must be separating type; classic open-ends or x-type two-ways work well. Imagine the bigger form; separate the middle part with the help of zippers, take it away and then combine what’s left. Now you have a smaller one. Just to remind, maybe good to put the middle part in your bag instead of leaving it at home as you may need to enlarge your bag while you are outside, for a magazine that you suddenly buy for example…

Various materials can be used for the bag body, it can be fabric, leather, mixed materials etc…Color preferences may differ and the middle separable part can be a perfect playground for a designer who seeks differentiation both functionally (may apply outer/inner pockets there for ex.) and visually. Designers, brands and manufacturers may prefer the middle part/s and the main body to be in different colors. And for the zippers, types with metal teeth would be great too both technically & aesthetically. Zipper type decision, zipper teeth platings (gold-looking, silver-looking, mixed colors etc) and zipper tape colors are other important points which creatives may enjoy working on together with the zipper supplier.

Instead of producing 2, 3, .. different models, just to produce one main body with its handle and different middle separable part/s will absolutely help production costs too.