Interpreter of chic, elegant and stunning designs

Hakan Akkaya, who has been in the world of fashion for 17 years and carries the achievements of its brand, is crowning his accelarated success in the fashion world from day to day. Akkaya, catching a remarkable look with plain, elegant and simple lines, also holds the title of being the first Turkish fashion designer who entered the official calendar of New York Fashion Week. Hakan Akkaya’s inspirational elements are hidden in the slightest detail in life such as a building he sees while wandering, people, a movie he watches, a book he reads, even just a word he hears. Akkaya’s latest collection, which defines fashion as a form of self-expression, is inspired by “Existentialism”. With this collection, Akkaya has tried to reflect this existentialist attitude, attaching great importance to freedom with the mixture of different models he created, and he included black and white colors in his collection

Interpreter of chic, elegant and stunning designs
Interpreter of chic, elegant and stunning designs

Hakan Akkaya is a name that has been around for a long time in fashion world. Can we hear more on your introduction story to fashion world from you. What is the reason behind being so successful since you got under the way to stand on your own legs in the fashion world? For as long as i’ve known myself, I craved for this job and I have been in this profession for about 17 years. Before creating my brand, I worked as a design-depatment manager for the leading brands in the industry. Basically, being right at that spot where I am today could be directly related to my hardpen. If you want to succeed in this profession, I think you have to go through all the stages in the field. I think a designer should master all processes from fabric to production and even to marketing. The companies I work with have made a great contribution to me in this sense.

How do you define your style as a successful designer?
I like to create stylish, chic and expensive desings that will draw attention for my customer when they dress up. It is important for me to create a successful style that will make my designs look attractive on the wearer, without chaotic pieces, with just simple lines.

What inspires Hakan Akkaya when he actualizes his collections?
Every single detail in life is a source of inspiration for me. Inspired by the slightest detail in life, I decorate my designs with them and work with them.A building I see when I’m on the street, a person I see, a movie I watch, a book I read, sometimes even a Word I hear. I can be inspired from everything I am surrounded by.

The existing man should bring himself into existance.

Textiles, colors and lines… How do you determine your color and fabric choices?

When preparing my collections, I first travel to different parts of the world with inspirational ideas that are the inspirer and story of my collection and acquiring accessories that will meet those ideas with different textures.I then make the selections of fabrics that I will use in the production phase. In my own head I blend those fabrics, and accessories, and then I imagine whatever colors, lines and visuals I want to create. Finally, I put them on paper, and I pass through the production stage.