Could you please talk a little bit about your company’s work on design and innovation?

Our most important innovation fabrics are cupro,tencel,ice crepe, sueded, jacquard and sustainable fabrics.

Cupro; Ekoten Fabrics, the leader of the sector in every respect, also made a difference in the production of Cupro. With a quick adaptation to the changing market’s needs and innovation in every aspect, we brought the Cupro with more commercial and reachable shape.

Cupro has been created for the new values of beautiful fashion. Fabrics are built on a cool, sensual aesthetic combined with responsible, innovation and versatility that perfectly matches contemporary , consumer’s desires.

In recent years, a rising trend of Cupro fiber skin-friendly, stone-wash effect and fluid will continue to be among the indispensable features of fashion.
Cool in summer, Warm in winter
Silky & Smooth Touch
Draphy Flowing
Tencel; Ekoten High-Tech Tencel Fabrics are the leading player in their sector not only because they are easy to care but also because of the their total moisture transfer properties with perfect drape for the softest garment in the world!

Super soft with unique fluidity our features High-Tech Tencel fabrics are natural and are environmentally friendly.

Creating the High-Tech Tencel fabric with using ecofriendly manufacturing process.

Stay wrinkle-Free, be more stable even after 20 washing cycles with excellent dimentional & color stability with its High Tech unique fluidity and smooth surface.

Ice crepe; Ice crepe fabrics, knit in our fully automated knitting area with using ultra fine gauge machineries. The technology of machineries is the key point to produce high quality ice crepe fabrics which we have the best in the Europe. After the knitting process fabrics pass to dyeing and finishing steps. The fabulous drape feature we provide to the fabric is achieved through multi-functional technological steps in these production stages. This elegant and sophisticated Ice crepe fabric has a soft hand finish and a beautiful flowing drape that feels lovely against the skin. Ice Crepe, which is obtained from special organic cotton fibers grown in very limited area.

What kind of activities do you actualize to have a good position in Turkey and the World?

Digital media is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to the many technological possibilities, we make our fabric presentations easy and accessible. we provide to our customer with social media accounts,web site, our special application to reach our fabric libraries and also we are sending a ekoten weekly fashion updates mail in a week.

Which products will stand out in your Autumn 19 / Winter 20 collection?

Ethnic and chic garments,nude and Brown tones will be the most fashion part for fall winter 19/20 season. An ethical code, but also an aesthetic one. Rules of life, but also style. Class, elegance and spontaneity in the way they behave and dress Freedom is the our keyword. Flowers and geometrical pattern always trend shapes in this season.wool touch, 3d , brushed and crincle effects also more prefered fabrics.

We are pasionate about the extreme and authentic natüre, life outdoor and its codes are transported to the city for new style of streetwear, very close the sport.

Ambitious and reckless this season fw19-20 is characterized by two fundamental points that seem opposed, * romantic ego *

The World of design is living a change that involves the universe of matters from different point of view: scientific, chemical and alchemical an also we folllow this steps for the our future.