Cihan Nacar

If A Swimsuit Design, The First Person Comes To Mind: Cihan Nacar

Cihan Nacar is one of the most talked-about swimwear designers in recent years who reinforced his art education, which he started in his high school years, with fashion education in the university.

The designer is usually inspired by strong, confident women who love to combine masculine lines with feminine details. The designer, who is tenacious of designing different desings, neon colors and original moulds, describes his Cihan Nacar Beachwear woman as follows: “Cihan Nacar Beachwear woman must feel herself safe and fine at any moment. That’s why the colors that determine the right patterns and trends are a must for my designs.

Cihan Nacar is one of the most talked-about swimsuit designers of recent years..How did you decide to become a designer in this field? Can you briefly introduce yourself, please?
I reinforced my education in art, which I started in my high school years, with fashion education in the university and then I furthered my fashion education in Spain. As soon as I came back to Turkey, I started to work with leading swimwear brands of fashion industry. Four years ago, I founded Cihan Nacar Beachwear brand, carrying my own name.

What elements do you get inspired by?
I’m inspired by a different theme every season. But for the last few seasons, my source of inspiration was only “women”. The changing mood and social life of the urban woman was the main theme that led me through the process of preparing my collections.

In addition to planning your designs, selected fabrics are also very important. How do you choose the appropriate fabric and colors in your design?
The only things I could never give up are colors and designs.The most important thing for me in my designs is matching the original and perfectionist patterns with the right patterns and colors. I like to combine masculine lines with feminine details. It is very important to me that my designs are strong enough to fit in because I am inspired by strong and confident women. So, I do not give up using different desings, neon colors and original moulds.Cihan Nacar Beachwear woman should feel safe and good at any moment. That’s why the colors that determine the right mould and trends are indispensables of my designs.

Which trends do you think will stand out in field of Swimsuit and bikini in 2018 SS Season? What will be the beach fashion of the season?
This summer, we will see assertive moulds, maximalist bikinis and lots of yellows, pinkies and orange’s. Neon colors will surely mark the season. High-weist cut bikini bottoms, swimsuits with Windows-like holes, bandage monokinis wrapping around the body are among the most spectacular cuts. Differentiation in molds will continue in this season too. Especially in two-piece bikinis crop top and high waist lower backs, will make us feel as if the 70s’ beaches’ is coming back. However, substantial modernization makes all the swimsuit-bikini fashion unique to its age.

Can we hear more about the story of your last collection?
I have prepared a more dynamic and fresh collection. The idea of combining my extraordinary swimsuit moldings with the younger designs that are already my trademarks became the starting point of my new collection. As I mentioned from the very beginning, you will see a collection that addresses the energetic, pro-socializing, dynamic city woman I have been talking about.

What are your reasons for being so much preferred in your designs and being a successful swimwear designer?
‘Do it right’ is my motto. I believe that every work that is done with love and sincerity will be successful. I search a lot, travel a lot, read a lot.

What are your future projects and future goals regarding your brand?
We have very successful designers on the international platforms. For the first time I wanted to announce a Turkish swimsuit brand to the entire world.

Your designs also have a functional feature at the same time. Do you imagine the rituals of using a piece any differently when designing it?
The day and night have juggled, and the rituals now differ accordingly. A concept from day to night came out. Men and women combine the day and night with a single look. Of course the biggest reason is that the beach concept has changed completely. Now, there were areas where you could have fun until the first light of the afternoon, the day after.So the only thing that got socialized was not only spaces, but clothes as well. Women who carefully wear a lot of pieces ranging from kimono to one-piece monokinis, from bikinis to beach accessories, and present it in a single composition inspires me as a designer. When I was designing my Couture Bodywear collection, I was also inspired by these women.