CANAY ÜNLÜ Interview

Hygiene-related products have come to the fore right now. As Ünlü Transfer, we develop our works in this direction.

Hello, can we briefly know you and Ünlü Transfer in terms of production and export?

Hello. We have been manufacturing digital sublimation printing, foil, pleat, embos and flock since 1992 at our facility in Bayrampaşa / Istanbul. In the first periods, it entered the sector as contract manufacturing and became one of the leading companies in the textile fashion with the collections it made in the following years. 60% of our production is consumed in Spain, Italy, France, Israel, Greece, Netherlands, Tunisia and Lebanon markets, the rest is in the exporters in the domestic market and in our customers with a chain of stores.

How did the Covid-19 epidemic, which affected the whole world, affect you? Since you are an exporter company, what have you experienced especially with the brands you work with, how is your communication process?

In the first periods of the epidemic, we faced with cancellations or cessations. More essentially, all the projects where we delivered the samples to our customers were put on hold. With the normalization process that started, some of our customers returned to work, though with low capacity, and started sending requests to us. Due to the restrictions in overseas travel, we cannot do marketing actively for now, but we regularly send new qualities that we have made to our customers.

The most important export market EU and European countries are the countries most affected by the pandemic. When is the nearest return to normal and do you think there will be a difference in demands and product variety compared to the past?

If there is no second epidemic, we anticipate that there will be a near-normal movement starting from September. However, if the second wave happens, we think that the markets will be affected more deeply and we make our company plans in this direction. Definetely different products will be requested, in fact, they started to be asked. Hygiene-related products have come to the fore right now. As Ünlü Transfer, we develop our works in this direction.

After the pandemic, what do you think will be the “new normals” that have now settled in our language? What changes awaits us in trends, production, preferences and designs?

Anti-bacterial fabrics and disposable products gained importance in apparel and home textiles. Visits to shopping malls or department stores have decreased. Stores on the streets and on-line sales gained more importance. We started to make our designs in this directions.