Ever since I could remember, I was one of those who regularly read magazines, followed articles and editorials about fashion, and watched both Turkish and foreign fashioners’ collections for each season.

Fashion Editor / Blogger

How did your interest in Fashion begin? And How do you define fashion in person?

Probably, like most people interested in fashion, the basis of this interest is tracing back to my childhood years. Since my father’s work was on textile, I grew up in an environment where there was a lot of talking about patterns, fabrics and production processes. Ever since I could remember, I was one of those who regularly read magazines, followed articles and editorials about fashion, and watched both Turkish and foreign fashioners’ collections for each season. I opened my fashion blog in 2011 in the name of bringing these two areas of interest of mine, since I was educated on literature, which was another area of interest in the university. Although not much time has passed over the year I mentioned, I can say that a digital sector that did not exist in the period occurred with us. Fashion has also taken its share of this digital revolution. It has evolved, changed, and is still growing and continuing to evolve. In the past, fashion was a concept that changes every six months. Now – if we do not count the main trends – thanks to the fast consumption we live in an order that includes new parts on the shelves almost every week.

Continuous trips, fashion shows, fashion events; followers waiting for photos and posts… Would you like to briefly talk about your job and yourself?

The part that feeds me the most, could be my trips. I love the spirit of traveling and the things that contribute to me, whether it’s a long or short distance. These fashion weeks are very vigorous and wholesome. In order to turn my blog which is hobby-oriented and online publishing into a full-time job. Since I have decided to leave the corporate life, All invitations and travels I have seen and participated so far, have a tremendous impact on the fashion industry in our country and on my business life. For example, we have the opportunity to talk about the progress and positive developments in our country with brands that have investments here in the background of a fashion show we have participated in abroad and to convey our feedbacks. It’s a small example, but as I’ve seen in time, it’s impacts are huge. If you consider this work not only for yourself but as part of a whole and take useful steps, this job also returns to you with positive opportunities.
As a blogger, you have a style. How did you manage that

Of course, in different age categories, I had different styles. Experimental, punk, rock, classic… There was a time I just wore pure black. I was making bold decisions and baffling myself when I was much younger, such as cutting my hair shorter. As I get to know myself better, I understood and sensed what style suited me the most. I have bony parts, I can wear them all the time. Yes, fashion is a lot of fun, but it’s not really my way to temporize with fashion. My priority is my style. I think style is not simply what you wear, but a whole from the house you live to the coffee you drink. And I believe that this takes a long process and that style also develops with the man himself.

What affected you the most among the fashion shows and fashion activities you have followed so far?

I can’t say this or that happened in specific; but I would have loved to watch a fashion show in the period where famous supermodels like Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss, and Naomi Campbell took the podiums. Their aura was different!


What’s your favorite style-concept from recent trends? What elements will come to the fore in the coming seasons?

Since I like the 80s so much, now I’m very happy with the flashbacks in fashion. The return of the iconic designs to the fashion scene continues at full speed. For example; your mother’s once famous bag is very fashionable at the moment.

In particular, what are we going to see in the Denim area in the podium and street fashion in the new season?

Denim is the rebellious and indispensable part of the fashion world. We will continue to see the continuation of the denim-on-denim combinations, which have become cool again a few seasons ago, especially in the Spring / Summer 2019 collections. Now we can’t really distinguish if the street affects the podium or the podium affects the street. Some trends start street-dependant and the next season, it takes to the podiums. I think this is one of the great examples that could be given for fashion digitalization.

Who are your favorite designers and fashion designers?

Alexander McQueen and John Galliano are the names who hit the top in creativity. Pheobe Philo’s Celine is still one of my favorites. Alexander Wang is one in my following list. There are many important names and brands in Turkey. In recent years, I’ve been watching and appreciating their achievements. The first names coming to my mind are Raisa & Vanessa, Emre Erdemoğlu, Zeynep Tosun, Başak Cankeş, Gülçin Çengel, Burçe Bekrek. However, we also carefully watch the transfer of bag designer’s names to the world arena. Brands, combining leather work with design since Turkey is very strong especially in the area of leather, is in the radar of the world-renowned fashioners, giving direction to world fashion. For example, I closely follow bag brands such as Mehry Mu, Rara Atelier and Manu Atelier.

In the name of sustainability, I try to shop carefully and concisely individually and being careful to check the label of the product I will buy.

Do you have any recent projects that you plan to implement, if so, what are they?

I believe that we have a strong bond with my fellow followers over the years. I more or less know about their expectations from me. In this respect, I can say that I am working on two projects in line with my own dreams. I keep it to myself until the details are clear.

What do you do in the sector in terms of sustainability?

In the name of sustainability, I try to shop carefully and concisely individually and being careful to check the label of the product I will buy. Content is very important. I am careful not to include materials that are superficial and insoluble in nature or cannot be resolved for many years. When I think of our present situation in the recycling of textile, I try to accustom myself to giving a chance to the timeless parts. I say I will accustom myself because this is almost impossible to avoid 100% from it in our industry. However, a certain level of consciousness and being responsive is our duty.

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